A57 focus point size?

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Allan Olesen Veteran Member • Posts: 3,391
Re: A57 focus point size?

philbot wrote:

And as with all PDAF systems, you can only select 'areas' which combine individual PDAF sensors ('Zone' or 'Wide' AF Modes)..

I made the same claim a few days ago but I was corrected by a Canon 5DIII user. He quoted from the manual that this camera has two types of single spot focus where the difference is the size of the focus point.

This surprised me a lot. Of course it is possible that one of the two focus modes uses surrounding AF points for assist and the writer of the manual had not completely understood this. But I assume that the writer of the manual for a pro camera is not picked randomly for the task.

I will not repeat the quote from the manual here, since it was in Danish.

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