Very First Maternity Shoot - Feedback please :)

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Re: Very First Maternity Shoot - Feedback please :)

I am sure that you had the best of intentions here, and I write this only to make you think a bit about some options you may have overlooked when you took the shot.

My first thought is that the black trousers, top and background blends into each other, so that what we see is a belly, an arm and a hand. No clothes would be a better option, the expecting mother could cup her breast with a hand so as not to show more of herself than she like. If that is too much nudity, some lighter clothes, where light and shadow could show the shape of her body could also do the trick.

Second, I think you should show her face. Being pregnant is nothing to be bashful about. Expecting mothers can so easily produce a face full of hope and expectation. I know it may be a cliche, but cliches are cliches for a reason: they are what appeals to us. You can always experiment, but the picture the mother will cherish in a few years time might easily be the cliche.

Third, the watch and bracelet are distracting. I feel the picture would be better without them.

The shutter speed could explain the blur, but it looks to me as if you blurred the whole thing in PP, possibly to hide noise from the high ISO? When photographing people, you need low ISO to keep noise levels low and a faster shutterspeed to avoid motion blur, so you must move your subject close to the window, take her outside or light her properly with some sort of artificial light. I actually like the way the picture is lit; soft, with a little kicker to emphasize the roundness of the belly.

I know this is a lot of critique for one picture, but I hope you accept my intention of helping you improve. A good camera and an expecting mother is a fine combination, so go for it before the baby arrives!

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