hoping something isnt wrong with my a57...

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Re: Software Fault On A57?

Alpha Doug wrote:

This sounds absolutely normal. First, if you are in Aperture priority, and you are trying to shoot with a low ISO in dim light, your camera will normally set a very long shutter time. If you have long exposure noise reduction turned on, the camera will then shoot a shutter closed noise reduction image immediately after the original shot. Then the camera will run a correction of the origianl image and then write it to the card. During this whole procedure, the EVF will be blacked out. You should notice the "processing and writing" light on on the back of the camera. You can go in and turn on the long exposure noise correction, and then things will move faster.

john farrar wrote:

Set A mode.

In a dim location where shutter speed will need to be a second (or similar) depending on Aperture.

Set ISO 100 (or other low ISO)

Take the shot with flash not popped up.

It goes black, then says 'processing' then the photo appears in the EVF.

The lower the ISO, the longer the 'processing' takes.

Perhaps I am missing something... but I'd still like to know what the camera is doing.

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aaaaah, makes perfect sense.

and thanks for the input guys. I use a sony 16-50mm f2.8.

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