BIG prints from the GH3

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Re: BIG prints from the GH3

Pete Berry wrote:

Panny contracted 30+ year Nat. Geo. photog Ira Block to check out the GH3 in a desert setting last month. He was impressed - "Great color, the DR is astounding, AF extremely fast", among other comments.

RAW or JPG, who knows? But he had 3-5' prints made of a couple of shots, including a long-exposure hi-ISO night shot that turned out nicely.

Link to the short, pleasant video on Will Crockett's Hybrid Imaging site:


I am shocked, shocked, that a photographer professionally retained by Panasonic to test the GH3 would find that it gives great colour, astounding dynamic range, and extremely fast autofocus.

I'll be that, without any irony, he could have even found in his expert opinion that the GH3 was really nowhere near the size of a smaller APS-C camera, and in fact much closer to an e-m5, if not approaching a GF1 and even the Minox EC.

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