Pro DX is Dead

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1. D5xxx aimed for the video enthusiast, D7xxx aimed for the photo enthusiast, D9xxx high end video enthusiast, D600 and all FF aimed for the photo enthusiast and pros with video abilities as supplement.

2. Having video is different than aiming for creative video/filmaking, the later needs different ergonomics and "video capable sensor" (we'll come to this at the end...), plus things like HDMI output, good compatibility with video supports, focusing devices... etc.

3. 35mm film was shot vertically in cinema giving 24mm width... this because of the audio channels, was sometimes less (22-23.5mm), yet the mount (leicaflex) was about the same distance as todays DSLRs..., this means that all Hollywood (or any other) filming was done at the same FOV/DOF that APS-c bares... practically all todays high end Digital cinema (Red, Arri, Sony, ...etc.) that costs mythical amounts bares a sensor much the same width and mount distance as APS-c!

24mpx (6000x4000) is ideal for video in both APS-c and FF... why? Because 1920x3=5760 which is very close to 6000mpx... then (by subtracting a little from the frame horizontally) you can use exactly 3pixels for 1 of 1920 info and hence with a 9 pixel array (3x3) you can have that for each 1920x1080 info... Now on FX, you can subtract one pixel from each side and get 2x1920=3840 pixels to do the same when you use the DX area only of the FF sensor.... Note that Nikon FFs have slightly better performance when used in DX for video...


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