Why I Just Bought an Olympus Four Thirds Camera System

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Re: Why I Just Bought an Olympus Four Thirds Camera System

I am sorry, I wasn't trying to make this an "Olympus Pride argument" at all. If I could have gotten as much value and versatility by going a different route, I would have. If there was an argument in here, it was to point out that many people get seduced by the latest camera gear by ANY camera manufacturer, and it is important to assess what you need versus what you want (or what the marketing guys want you to want), and what your budget will allow you to get.

Olympus HAS dropped the ball as far as performance of its latest Four Thirds cameras go. Never mind that they only offer ONE current Four Thirds body, and it is pretty expensive (and not quite worth it). They have not kept up with its competitors race towards sensors with the most MP's or the best high ISO performance.

If I were a long time Olypus user, and had the ability to appreciate those traits a bit more, I would probably feel a bit betrayed too. But Olympus has always built good sturdy cameras and has a well deserved reputation for above average lens performance. If you are working on a budget, and buy things for the long haul, these are comforting things to know.

I wanted a solid and well made camera system that would work well under the conditions I will use it in. I didn't need to have the latest in sensor resolution; I am never going to produce gallery size prints. I am not worried about low light performance and autofocus issues as I am getting older, am diabetic, and my eyes don't track as well in low light anyway (forget about the Olympus AF problems, I have my own).  Why should I be tarred with an "Olympus Pride" label when I clearly recognize Olympus is NOT the best answer for some people, but am smart enough it is the right answer for me?

If you want to talk about feeling a bit abandoned in the marketplace, look at the lack of support Nikon has given to their DX format owners. The last seriously well made camera there was the D300s, and they seem unwilling to do anything to fill in the gaps in their DX lens lineup (at least you CAN get good lenses throughout the full focal range with an Olympus Four Thirds camera). Nikon assumes an upgrade path to the full frame FX camera and lens program, when most of us don't want the wait and can't afford the expense.

In closing, the things you hold against Olympus as an apparently high functioning photographer are a mirror of what brought me to them. I recognize my novice status, my personal limitations (my eyes aren't getting any better as I age), am keenly aware my budget won't allow the nice new stuff (I can't afford to even look), and see the wisdom in settling for equipment that is just a bit better performance wise than I will ever be, particularly as it is priced so well. I bet thaere are more than a few people who see things the same way.


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