Quick hands on with the RX1 at the weekend

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Re: Quick hands on with the RX1 at the weekend

the-bunker wrote:

Local camera shop had the RX1 & A99 on show at the weekend


And I had a few minutes "hands on" with the RX1 - my immediate impressions:

- Feels like a premium camera - build quality is very high (ok maybe not a leica, but pretty good)

- The size makes it difficult for your brain to accept it's a full frame camera, but images say FF.

- The AF struggled, but this was a pre-production prototype. Rep said problem has been fixed.
to be fair MF was amazingly easy.

- The leaf shutter is pretty silent, by default the camera plays a shutter sound - yuk.
Can be turned off.

- Flash pulls back, but cannot be tipped up for 'bounce flash' - what a shame.

I didn't pre-order one for a few reasons - I'd like to know the AF was fixed & the UK price seems extreme. Not sure I want to pay that much a premium for being one of the first.

I bought the RX100 the day that came available & the price has dropped almost 25% in 3-4 months. If the RX1 does the same, then that is kissing goodbye to £600 or more....

Nice mini review of the RX1.

What is it now selling for in Europe?

And since you have already the RX100, what do you plan to use the RX1 for?

Will you be using the RX1 for paid assignments?

BTW:  you have nice pics in your DPR gallery.

Thank you.  And post some pics here when your get the RX1.

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