In praise of primes - which next?

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Re: In praise of primes - which next?

Comments so far have been pretty good.

Why not get some high image quality manual primes? You can get good good manual glass for cheap, if you feel like experimenting. If you are shooting landscape it's easy enough to focus, though it's not really the greatest for little kids running around.

Basically I would say get a different focal length in good glass at a good price; since you haven't got much at all (only 1 prime?) you are spoilt for choice.

I have the 43mm and 77mm and swear by them. I don't have the 15mm but look at it with some lust.

I got an old manual 28mm f3.5 which I also swear by; it is SHARP, well built and I paid crazy cheap for it, so I am happy, regardless of how often I use it. If you shell out a lot more money you want to be surer of what you are getting into, IMHO.

I think a lot of the choice depends on how good a price you can get – e.g. one might prefer to get the 43mm or the 40mm but if you get a good enough deal on the other, you go for that, as basically they are both pretty good, if somewhat different.

The 77mm is very nice though... but don't rush. I got mine on a good deal from a guy in Germany, after waiting a while. I got the FA 50mm for a good price too, and though there are some nice alternatives, I just can't see making the effort/leap to the 55mm, as what I have is quite good (and the K5 resolved some focussing problems I noted on the k20).

If you are acquainted with the prices you know when you are getting a worthwhile deal, so just peruse idly.


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