A99 the end of flash photograpy?

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Re: A99 the end of flash photograpy?

seilerbird666 wrote:

Absolutely not. I am a bird photographer and when a bird is in the shade and taken at high ISO the colors are muted and not true to life. It takes a flash to bring out the real colors. Also high ISO also means slow shutter speed which does not work for birds, they move too much. The lack of a flash is why I will never own an a99. How stupid of them to leave it off.

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The flash on your A55 has a guide number of 10 meters, anything past that and your on camera flash is completely useless. Do you do a lot of birding in the 0-10 meter range?

Its like those people at football games who have their DSLRs out with the pop up flash going, trying to take photos of the players 50 meters away....

To hit a bird with a flash you would have to have a very powerful dedicated flash unit.

Higher ISO = faster shutter speed as well.

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