5D3 vs 6D

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RedFox88 wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

61 AF points vs 11 AF points (aside from that, any difference in AF performance?)

I think there will be a difference in AF speed, just like the difference between 7D and 60D. canon loves artificial product differentiation.

Well, the 6D is advertised with -3 ev AF vs the -2 ev AF of the 5D3. However, in practice, I wonder if there's any "meaningful" difference between them.

You got that wrong. The 5D3 only does AF to EV -0.5 not -2. So that's a significant difference.

Canon has -2 to +18 listed as the AF working range.


Down to -0.5 EV is listed for the MarkII


I take these spec sheets lightly, the 1DIV was supposed to work down to -1EV but in tungsten light it gives up way way before that.

My first impressions of the 5D3 AF are very good.


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