LX3 True 24mm?

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Re: LX3 True 24mm?

LeRentier wrote:

The RAW file is already an interpretation of analogue data.
You seem to criticize the LX3's lens design because of what companies B and C do with the RAW files from company A they process.
Panasonic ships its cameras with Silkypix, a raw converter which seems to have been adjusted for the Panasonic cameras.
Did you compare the B and C output with any Silkypix output before climbing on your horse ?
Did you compare the B and C output with a straight JPEG output from the LX3 ?
I believe I would, if I intended to start shooting at something.

Wow this thread almost made it without someone taking things personal, well one can always dream. Silkypix does the same distortion correction and yields almost the same results as ACR, and I don't use it because it's not great. I'm also not about to spend couple hundred dollars on a RAW converter for an old compact camera. I obviously have made the comparisons with different softwares but with RAW and noticed a difference hence the question here. Since I don't shoot JPEGs, that comparison is irrelevant for me.

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