D800, why no articulating screen

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Modularity vs jack-of-all-trades thinking

h2odavid wrote:

Why does Nikon put articulating screens on their prosumer, but not pro bodies? It would be great to have for odd angle shots on a tripod and for movies.

Whenever there are threads about what future cams could/should look like, one common theme is modularity. Cameras should be more modular so every user get to adapt her/his camera for any taste or particular solution.

But also, in those very same discussions, once you start stripping down a camera to its bare essentials (to make it modular) you will get a lot of protests from people missing their favorite piece of built-in functionality. Some people want a built in flash. Others a gps receiver. Others yet a wifi transmitter. Or - as the OP here - a articulating screen. If we combine all these wishes we will end up with a camera that has just about everything including and beyond the kitchen sink thrown in just for good measure.

I am not saying a articulating screen is a bad idea. I am just saying it is one out of several features camera makers play with when they try to put together a camera with a mix of functionality which is appealing to its particular audience. This mix change over time as technology gets cheaper and more robust. Some day in the future a articulated screen might be in the mix also for pro grade cameras. But right now it seem to me they have fairly compelling reasons not to include it.

Look at another piece of functionality - why does not every camera have a Ethernet jack like the D4? Simply because it is a piece of funcionality which really appeals to the target audience of a D4. Probably a lot less so for the target audience of say a D5200.And my guess it is roughly the other way around with a articulating screen.

And ...

My guess is that someone spending $3000 on a D800 and at least as much more on lenses to use with that camera, they might also be prepared to spend for example $400 on a Sony CLM V55 to get a bigger (5 inch) screen which can be positioned much more freely and as far away as you hdmi cable allows. It is a even more flexible and useful solution then a, by necessity, smaller and much more limited built in screen.

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