Is NEX-3 a good place to start?

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Re: Is NEX-3 a good place to start?

BobT wrote:

Looking into the NEX system right now. I've dabbled in other m4/3rds systems a little bit, always returning to DSLRs. So maybe, this time. I have an offer to pick up a NEX-3 with kit lens in exchange for one of my DSLR lenses. The lens that I would trade away covers the same approximate range as the 18-55 kit lens. The NEX would then cover similar subjects as does the DSLR lens....the most important being an upcoming trip to the American Southwest. So very scenic/landscape country. Do you feel that the NEX-3 would be a good candidate for the job? Or is this particular NEX camera simply too old now, by today's newer NEX technology?


FYI as you probably know, all NEX sensors are the same APS-C size as most DSLRs, larger than M4/3. NEX-3 is capable of DSLR quality - the upgraded models 5n, 7, 6 etc. offer improvements in sensor quality etc, but the older cameras didn't dis-improve as a consequence!

I still use my original NEX-5, but if I was buying now I would consider a newer version - the 5n is probably the best bang-for-buck right now? But nothing wrong with the NEX-3 especially if you're still learning. The kit lens if you get a decent one is pretty good, especially around 24-30mm / f5.6. - f8.

My NEX-5 + kit zoom @ 24mm f5.6 (from JPG, not RAW):

If you get even better primes like the emount 50mm 1.8, Sigma 19/2.8 & 30/2.8, upcoming emount  35/1.8, or potentially cheaper used SLR manual primes, and process from RAW rather than JPG, you'll get even better results.


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