Why I Just Bought an Olympus Four Thirds Camera System

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Re: Why I Just Bought an Olympus Four Thirds Camera System

nyfalls wrote:

As much of an "Olympus pride" argument you wanted this to be, pretty much ALL of those reasons could have been applied to purchasing an older or used model of Cannon/ Nikon / Pentax/ Sony... and you would have the benefit of NOT being trapped into a system not producing any replacement bodies, accessories, etc, not supporting a company that shafts its users, and benefited from having a better performing camera, less missed shots, and the option of having an upgrade path if you chose to continue your hobby.

Nyfalls, why do you botther to write? - spend your time elswhere.

I like the old saying "If you don't like the smell in the bakery, then stay away"


- Jesper, who are in here because he also like the Oly system...

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