D200 Guy seeks input from D800 Owners...

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Re: Mid-Course Correction...

One more feature of DX lens usage on a D800 - I just upgraded from a D200 as well and was surpised to learn that not only could I use my DX lenses with 50% more pixels than on the D200, I could also use part of them on FF. You do not HAVE to use DX crop on the D800 just because you use a DX lens. For example, if I use my 10-24mm Nikor and set the camera to FX, was delighted to find that although it vignettes at 10mm, by the time it gets to 14-15mm it is acting like a FF lens. So I have a nice 15-24 FX lens. Not the IQ or speed (or cost) of a 14-24/2.8, but still nice bang for the buck. I can't speak for other DX lenses, nor for whether of not this would also apply to the D600. Enjoy.

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