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malch wrote:

Stu 5 wrote:

You might find this article an interesting read:


Basically to make Lightroom run fast you need RAM and a good processor. Now the processor for you is not easy to sort out but adding more RAM should be easy. Some people are talking about SSD but that is really a very low 3rd on the list when it comes to Lightroom. It's nice to have but won't make a huge difference.

This article is misinterpreted over and over again. If you read it carefully, it doesn't really say what you suggest.

If you read the concluding paragraph, it says SSD's offer little benefit in load times and preview rendering (no surprise given that is so CPU intensive) . And lots of benefits in other areas.

Incorrect. The importing/preview building and exporting of files are what taxes Lightroom the most. It is also what takes the most time using the program as well.

Furthermore the comparisons were made relative to 7200rpm HDD's.

Many laptops (including the OP's) have 5400 rpm drives and, in my experience, they're a serious bottleneck for photo work. Adding a SSD can eliminate that bottleneck and deliver a very substantial performance increase.

But it will not make anywhere near the difference of adding more RAM and better CPU. Any professional user of Lightroom will tell you this. Going to 8GB will double  the performance. Go to 16GB and it will double again. SSD will not make that larger difference when compared to RAM.

Others have suggested that the OP's CPU is inadequate and they may well be right about that. But SSD's are certainly worth considering in laptops where 5400rpm drives can be a real problem for photo editing.

Again with Lightroom CPU and RAM make the largest difference. With other applications SSD will make a larger difference but Lightroom simply is not one of those programs.

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