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Are you judging noise from N7 images at 100%?

Are you judging noise from NEX-7 images at 100%? If so, you will see more noise than from fewer megapixel sensors e.g. 5N's 16MP, but that's a normal consequence of the larger 24MP sensor/smaller pixel sites (or something suitably technical! ;-)), and if you resize the image down to the same size as from the 5N or whatever, so you're now comparing like with like, much of that noise cancels out.

Also, looking at RAW with both luminance and chroma noise sliders at 0, you will see plenty of noise, but that's also normal - any RAW conversion must carefully balance noise vs. fine detail.

Your selling page mentions that you're selling due to Hurricane Sandy losses, but you didn't mention that here - if that's the real reason for selling up, then commiserations.

Probably too late for this discussion, but good luck anyhow.


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