5D3 vs 6D

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Richard wrote:

some Canonites here will try to justify anything that Canon pumps out, the 6d is crippled so as not to compete with the 5d3 which makes it even more difficult to compete with the D600 when the D600 is competing with the 5d3. That was my point. It really has nothing to do with individual needs, it comes down to comparing cameras, once that is done, then you can determine which camera fits your needs and your budget.

The 6D has features intended to appeal to an entry-level buyer as opposed to an advanced user.  The D600 will tend to appeal more to the latter, but there's plenty of overlap.

Is the D600 crippled by not having GPS or Wi-Fi?  Of course not.  Each company hopes to attract certain buyers.  That’s not being crippled.  That’s market differentiation.

Does the 6D provide what I want from a camera?  No, and apparently it’s not what you want either.  But you seem to think that any camera that doesn’t appeal to you specifically is crippled, and that’s where we disagree.

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