D5200 - another Jurassic Park dino from Nikon

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Re: D5200 - another Jurassic Park dino from Nikon

simon65 wrote:

Can it really be true...?
"The D5200 uses a similar viewfinder to the D5100, ..., a not-especially-impressive 0.78x magnification. It's arguably the least-impressive aspect of the entire camera"
"Disappointingly the D5200 doesn't have an eye sensor either to turn off the rear screen when you're using the viewfinder, so it can flicker away distractingly at you, turning off as you half-press the shutter then lighting up again when you take your finger away" DPR

I've been waiting for the D5200 for some time and really praying that Nikon would have the wit to do something about the D5100's cramped viewfinder, and its the seriously outdated omission of an eye sensor for turning the rear screen off. I think Canon introduced such sensors on their introductory basic compact DSLRs around about 2002, and yet here we are in 2012 and Nikon still haven't got round to adding one in the med range DSLRs.

Nikon its appalling. Just who do you think we are? I'm not going to splash out my hard won cash on a DSLR with a micro viewfinder, and which doesn't even come equipped with a $10 sensor for preventing the rear screen from flickering in my eyes when I'm trying to compose a shot.

Woeful effort Nikon. D minus (again). Try joining the 21st century.

Well, I agree with you to a certain extent. Look, I'm sure the D5200 will be an excellent camera but that is not the issue. The issue is how does it tie into a future system and how does it indicate the direction that Nikon is going.

I mean Nikon has somewhat boxed themselves into a corner. They cant just stick another new sensor into the inevitable D5300 and still be relevant like they have done with this camera. Clearly, this will be the last of its breed. If not, they will have made themselves irrelevant.

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