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Re: Picking a Camera for Model Photography...Pentax Fans??

The K-5 has basically the same imaging sensor as the D7000 so it will produce similar quality images, especially if you're shooting and processing RAW files. It is a good camera but there are a couple things to concider when choosing between the Pentax and the Nikon. The big negatives are it's Auto Focus is not as good (it's probably on par with the Sigma, the Nikon and 7D would be a significant improvement) and the number available lens and accessory options.

The D7000 has a more sophisticated 39 point AF which is better for tracking moving objects and being able to make sure an AF sensor is over the object you want in focus. The K-5 has only 11 AF points. Also it should be noted the reason you can get the K-5 for cheap is because Pentax just came out with a K-5 II with an improved AF system, which, while it does not have more points, is supposed to focus better in low light situations and when using f/2.8 lenses. I have not used the K-5 that much but the fact Pentax felt the need to improve these specs speaks to the fact that the original K-5's AF may not be the best. It's probably on par with the Sigma's, but Nikon's AF is much better.

The other fact to concider is that while there are quite a number of K-mount lenses out there, there are far more Nikon lenses out there. This is the biggest reason to get Nikon or Canon because you have more options and are more likely to find the exact lens you need for a job. If you need to rent or replace a broken lens quickly, you're more likely to find a store that has Nikon and Canon lenses than Pentax. Also because Nikon and Canon are so popular you're more likely to have friends who have one, which is helpful for getting advice or swapping/trying out lenses that they might have. That said, if you have a friend or two who own Pentax cameras, then Pentax has the advantage in that case.

K-5, D7000, 7D... In the end, you'll probably be happy with any of them. The K-5's AF is not as good as Nikon or Canon's but it shouldn't be worse than your Sigma's. The K-5 II will have improved AF but cost about as much as the D7000 or maybe more. If you have other photographer friends, see what they have. If they have a Pentax system and you might occasionally swap lenses with them or share experiances, it would be helpful. If they have Nikons, the D7000 might be a better choice. The 7D is quite a bit more expensive, but again if all your friends have Canons and you might share equipment, it could make the price difference worth while. Two advantages the 7D would have (but I don't know if they are worth the cost increase) are that it uses CF cards like your SD1 (so you can share cards between cameras, the D7000 and K-5 both use SD cards) and the 7D has a bit faster motor drive with a large buffer for shooting rapid bursts

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