Thinking of buying the D600... but...

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Re: Thinking of buying the D600... but...

Asylum Photo wrote:

All these dust/oil posts have me concerned. Is there any indication what percentage of cameras have this problem? If I buy one, how likely am I to have to return it for repairs?

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To me, the number of serious problems with the D600 are fewer than any camera I've seen recently.    By serious problem, I mean ones that have a non-trivial impact on shooting like AF issues, camera locking up, exposure problems, sockets caving in...

I've not seen much credible evidence that the spot issues that have been oil related.   The Lensrental study indicated that the issues they were seeing were dust related, since they could generally be blown off.

I think most people here assume it's oil related since that's what's been seen on earlier cameras, but I've not seen the "bright halo" type of patterns on the spots typical for oil.

Personally, I've had to clean my D600 once.   Don't know if it was oil or dust since I did a wet clean and it was clean as a whistle in just a few minute's time

So, besides the people returning theirs for having dust (which I think is outrageous), I don't think I've seen any other issues, which I find remarkable.    I think the only reason the dust thing is getting so much attention is the lack of other issues...I find the thing just works and I have complete confidence in it, which I didn't have with the D800's I previously used.

I wouldn't trade the D600 for a D800 even if they were the same price.

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