Could the nex-7 become an iconic cult classic like a Hasselblad or Leica?

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Re: I love mine, but it's a near miss, imo

Fair points all around.  I thought the early canon pas's (g4-g7) were almost cult classics- albeit in a different place of the market.. To this day, I still like the way digics handle color.

part of it may be price tag.  if you spend enough on it, you will insist on using it well past it's prine.  a family member just took a photography class.  It was remarkable to see the extent to which the nex-7 is suited to an instructional audience. The class was manufacturer agnostic and never used the words sony or nex.  He did say that if the controls aren't right there, then you will never take advantage of 90% of the feature sets.

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