How big would a 100-200 f2.8 m43 OIS be?

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Re: How big would a 100-200 f2.8 m43 OIS be?

eques wrote:

OniMirage wrote:

Constant aperture ... it would be pretty big actually. Big in the sense that it would be a fat lens as opposed to a long one. I don't think a 2x will be that long.

100-200 f2.8 has a front lens diameter of 72mm (= 200/2.8) , i.e. an overall diameter of at least 80 mm.

I'd prefer a 70-200 f4, with front lens diameter of 50mm and a size, that better fits the mFT size and weight. I guess, it could be the size of the 100-300 or even shorter.

And I'd like to have a high grade lens ... and know, I keep hoping too much.


In theory, and from previous experiences, a 70-200/4 should be possible to make to a similar size/weight of a 100-300/5.6.

However, what is the reason for constant max apertures? It's not as if these lenses are controlled by mechanical aperture rings with numerical markings, so ease of operation does not apply. With modern feedback controlled flashguns, the flash control motivation is also removed or significantly weakened. The only possible remaining reason for this would be marketing.

Marketing has got to such a degree that customers, when stating technical desires, are including pure marketing items in their wish lists!

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