hoping something isnt wrong with my a57...

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Re: hoping something isnt wrong with my a57...

im gonna try to turn auto NR off.

So it looks like we can agree that it happens in A mode, in dark enviroments with the pop up flash down.

Why turn it off? Because I take pictures in nightclubs. The first time I encountered this I was taking a picture, and thought the camera malfunctioned. It would not respond. So I turned it off.

I know this for sure, when mine is stuck there for 10 seconds, even If I let it finish, the picture comes out terrible. Im definately going to test with Auto NR turned off. But I agree, I think Sony needs to know about it.

I think these theories could be correct. Because while its saying processing, if the camera is set to Af-C, you can see the lens still trying to focus on the 16-50 display window, even thought the screen is black.

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