Best Guess-Estimate when Successor to D7000 will be Announced & Available?

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Re: Best Guess-Estimate when Successor to D7000 will be Announced & Available?

bugbait wrote:

I do not know the thinking of when and if we should expect the D8000 or what ever they would call the D7000 successor. Looking at the following data culled from the dpreview Nikon timeline, it would follow that the D8000 would launch between 6 and 11 months from now; that being 5/2013-10/2013. Yet it seems the D5200 is so close to the D7000 specs , many would skip the more expensive camera.

The dates don't correlate with what's in my head but you may be right and I can't be bothered to check.  I thought the D90 replaced the D80 at almost exactly two years and the D7000 replaced the D90 at almost exactly 2 years.  I also recalled the D7000 being announced almost exactly 2 years ago - so I rather expected the D7100 or whatever round about now.  Like I said, my memory may be faulty on the dates.

Having said that it has been some time since I saw a compelling reason to buy a new camera.  I'd upgrade my smart phone or tablet at the drop of a hat, as well as any variety of other electrical gizmos.  But I love my D90 and I love the pictures I take with it.  I frequently blow up and frame the results at moderate sizes and I have seen absolutely nothing which makes me wish I had an updated model.

My interest was only that I wanted to buy a D7000 and wanted to wait until the new model was released so the price of the D7000 would tumble - and the only reason for wanting a D7000 at all was because I have now undertaken a large photographic project (in fact I've been doing it for more than 18 months and have at least another year to go) and I was getting increasingly concerned about my reliance on a single camera body that wasn't getting any younger.

I figured if I was going to buy a second body it might as well be a D7000.  But already I am finding myself wishing it had FEWER megapixels.  Yes, that's right - fewer.  With RAW files at 17-18MB per image and correspondingly larger JPEG's my memory cards need to be larger, faster and more numerous, not to mention the extra space of storing them, backing them up, transferring them anywhere (especially where the internet is concerned).  The 12MP of the D90 has never been stretched producing framed prints, supersized albums and certainly not from any on-screen display so the extra data is just wasted and certainly not worth the extra overhead.  I have to say that I think, for me at least (I am sure others differ) that the D90 probably represents all I actually want out of a camera and I am really not sure what I'll do when the D90 / D7000 I have now are dead and buried and the only options are 25MP+ monsters.  Bit like my Panasonic compact really - neat little critter, good at what it does and cost me the square root of bugger all.  But really, 12MP on that?  It's only ever going to shoot in situations where I don't want to take the SLR and its pics will only ever be viewed on screen or printed at 6x4.  I dial it down to 3MP because that's all it really needs.  I strongly suspect its 12MP images wouldn't hold a candle to those of my old 6MP Minolta 5D from 2005.  In fact I know they don't, not even close.

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