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Re: DPR image display question/eric

Quite right - the first, low res image on the forums is markedly poorer than the old forum, and at the original size, it is quite good, but on a PHOTO forum, the pictures should always be good: it's a PHOTO forum!

On a related note, sometimes when I open photos on my iMac desktop, they appear a LOT better for an instant, and then suddenly lose crispness, sort of like doing an Unsharp Mask in photoshp, and then hitting "undo".

This happens too fast to be sure whether it's real, or an illusion

Eric, you might check your monitor settings if you have the optimum refreshrate set for your display. It is also recommanded to review your display settings once a year or so as during the years your display might benefit from slight changes in setting.

If you have no proper calibration tool this page(in english) might come in handy for tuning your monitor:


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