A99 the end of flash photograpy?

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Re: A99 the end of flash photograpy?

As an old timer, I am reminded of an analogous situation which used to exist for home movie cameras many years ago. It was essential to use extra lighting to take indoor movies since the emulsions of that era for small home movie cameras were very low ISO / ASA.

The movie cameras would be attached to a bar of flood lights which not only required a lot of power, but also made everybody squint and turn away from the camera and lights due to the extreme brightness.

Eventually, as sensor technology and digital imaging matured, the need for lighting diminished and in most cases has disappeared entirely for most video photography except for the professional..

I personally would expect the same to eventually happen with still cameras and flash. The full frame camera users who are mostly all professional experienced users may be reluctant to give up flash entirely, but the other 99% of the market will be delighted to not have to use it at all once the smaller sensor cameras begin to offer truly high ISO and low noise results over the next decade.


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