Thinking of buying the D600... but...

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Re: Thinking of buying the D600... but...

Asylum Photo wrote:

All these dust/oil posts have me concerned. Is there any indication what percentage of cameras have this problem? If I buy one, how likely am I to have to return it for repairs?

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Hello, I think what you are going to get here is a mixed response. Please keep in mind that this community is only a tiny tiny fraction of d600 users. This also means that it cant represent real world numbers. Some have stated that about 200000 d600's have been sold which means this community and its findings are not a real representation of the quality of the camera or any issues that may exist. Trust me on that. If you still want to hear what my experince is, the camera had 3 spots on the sensor. It did start out clean. One spot out of three could only be seen if I went looking for it and that was only in light colored areas of an image. I used a blower and a sensor light and after a lot of blowing it was gone. I am at over 1100+ shutter count and have an event this friday and will check back after. NO oil an no rub under mirror. The majority of people will never see this dust in a normal image unless they went looking for it. Also if you do plan to shoot a lot of sky and walls, you either need to clean your sensor or use clone tool. A wet cleaning is something every camera will need one day. Some more often some less. If you plan to wait to buy think again. Dust is not an issue that nikon is known to ever "fix". You send it in, they will clean it and send it back.

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