Is NEX-3 a good place to start?

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Re: Is NEX-3 a good place to start?

evoprox wrote:

It all depends ... Seen from a different perspective not tooo long ago there weren't any digital cameras that could hold a candle to the IQ the little NEX produces with decent glass. What do you need it for ? A week after I received my NEX-5 (same IQ as NEX-3) I sold my Nikon gear, a D300 + quite a few lenses and never looked back since. The 1855 kit lens (I owned 3 of them) is definetely less than stellar, but more than OK if stopped down a bit. Over here in Europe I can get a used NEX-3 kit for around 250 Euros or even less sometimes and would be hard pressed to find the same possible IQ for less €€€. Now with more E-mount lenses around the corner I guess I stick with the NEX system for a while to come as I don't have too much to complain about.

Also, make sure you handle the combination if you can before buying.  The NEX-3 had a wide but shallow handgrip which some people (myself included) found uncomfortable to handle with the 18-55 fitted as the camera can feel nose-heavy.  Yet others preferred it to the deeper grip of the NEX-5 (in which there is a gap between the grip and the lens which larger fingers may find a bit cramped).

The following NEX-C3 model had an even slighter grip (and was smaller overall) but all the other NEX models since have had grips more in the style of the NEX-5/5N/5R family, including the current NEX-F3.

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