gonna sound stupid but cant take photos with new 5N!?

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Re: gonna sound stupid but cant take photos with new 5N!?

3t3P wrote:

Thanks I'll give it a go in more light as the room was dark!

Also it did seem to forget the date and time so I hope the internal batt is OK...

Don't worry - it's actually normal with a brand new NEX-5N!  Not to the extent that it's guaranteed to happen, but it often will and when it does, it is explained by something quite normal that isn't a fault.

Basically, there's an internal battery as has been mentioned which charges from the main battery.  The internal battery holds all the various remembered settings and data.  If the internal battery had reached near-depletion during storage before sale (as it quite logically can do), it will use all its charge maintaining settings and the camera will be able to have settings made and to autofocus, but not to fire the shutter till the internal battery is up to full charge.  It can also sometimes happen if you haven't used the camera for weeks/months.  Having the main battery fully charged will probably help it build up the charge in the internal one quicker.

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