A99 the end of flash photograpy?

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Re: A99 the end of flash photograpy?

seilerbird666 wrote:

Absolutely not. I am a bird photographer and when a bird is in the shade and taken at high ISO the colors are muted and not true to life. It takes a flash to bring out the real colors. Also high ISO also means slow shutter speed which does not work for birds, they move too much. The lack of a flash is why I will never own an a99. How stupid of them to leave it off.

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Jeez you can buy a little one that won't suck the battery.

You are selling the a99 way short.  It's a marvel.  Most of the birds I shoot are far enough away there is no chance of getting a shot with a flash.

Wild birds that is.   You can shoot my buddy's great loud screeching white and yellow bad boy in the cage the size of a bathroom any day.

Post me a peregrine falcon in full dive with a flash and I'm donating some cash for that.  But if you used one, I doubt that flash made any difference.

But you've made your mind up.

Maybe they will sell one someday, but for now the camera, due to the way it works, eats the battery.  I'd hate to think how long it would last if the flash did eat power too.

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