A new but somehow old Topic - IQ of X-E1 ? Is it really there?

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Re: A new but somehow old Topic - IQ of X-E1 ? Is it really there?

pmaster wrote:

I think its probably due to the fact that there are far more professionals using full-frames than X-series cameras. Thus, it is easier to find some really good shots by these pros. Some of these probably include external lighting as well as good pp.

I'm thinking it would be easier if you could show us an example of a full-frame shot you think is very nice, and we can then figure out if indeed it is due to the camera, or simply to the photographer's talent.


I absolutely agree with this statement.  There are thousands of very good pros shooting FF DSLRs who are continually promoting their best work on the internet.  There are a few pros shooting X series cameras, but primarily either for personal use or as the occasional back up.  Let's face it, most pros have a lot of money invested in glass, compatible flash, lighting equipment etc.

From the little I have seen, I have no doubt that the X APC sensor cameras have the ability in the right hands of capturing images as good as any FF camera.  I have pre ordered the X-E1.  I have the X10 and the XS1.  I love them both and the images are as good as any entry level DSLR I have ever owned.  I am selling my D800 with several lenses.  I am keeping a D5100 for professional shooting of vacation properties.  I do need the ability to go super wide and the dependability of Nikon flash, but there is absolutely no reason for me to lug around tons of gear when I am seeing excellent images directly out of camera with superb color and the best auto WB I have ever seen.

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