BIG AIR Snowboarding at Night (PHOTOS - Antwerp)

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I considered Auto ISO, but in the end I selected values myself

LouHolland wrote:

So back afther two weeks.

Roel, I like the softness in your first shot, makes it impressive and monumental. They are all fine but the second with the turn above the light with the swirling snow gives a good impression and mood from that event.

Thank you.

I guess you've used beside shutter or aperture presetting also automatic iso?

How to shoot with ISO was something that dawned on me quite early in the shoot.

I am normally a fan of Auto-ISO and use it almost always.  But here there was a specific reason why I chose specific ISO values for the different light circumstances (night, dusk, and on Saturday during the day).

Normally, I use A priority a lot, because DOF control is most important.

However, for something like this, shutter speed is even more important, so I did almost every with S priority.

Auto-ISO then seems to be a logical choice.  However, pretty soon I noticed that the camera likes to stay in lower ISO values, whenever the shutter speed is fast enough to prevent motion blur.  So the camera will sooner open up the aperture than raise the ISO.

However, on fast moving subjects, a shallow DOF is not really an advantage : I prefered the shoot at F3.5 or F4 whenever possible, instead of using the F2 that the lens could provide, to have more DOF.

In order to achieve that, it was better to just go with ISO 1600 (on E-3) and values between ISO 1600 and ISO 3200 (on the E-5), so that the total equation of ISO, S and A would result in a slightly stopped down aperture.  That was preferable over the camera picking ISO 800 and a bigger aperture.

I did almost everything with spot-metering.

I hope this explains the reasoning.

Also, while I find the images from the em-5 very good, it's to my convincing that the E-3 and E-5 have a more special character of it's own. Thanks.

I still like to use them, so I agree.

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