Why I Just Bought an Olympus Four Thirds Camera System

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Re: Why I Just Bought an Olympus Four Thirds Camera System

Andy Hewitt wrote:

Yup, I've been using the cost effectiveness of the Olympus system as a good reason too. Indeed, it was why I first bought into it in the first place, when I got a new E-500 and twin lens kit.

Image quality has always been good. OK you sacrifice a bit of low light noise performance, but even then it's not necessarily all bad once you understand what's going on there.

I haven't been able to afford to expand the kit beyond the basic lenses myself, although moving into 'legacy' glass can be all of fun, cheap and great images too.

I find it hard to compare costs though, as some of us are not in the USA. Here in the UK, we tend to pay effectively double what you pay across 'the pond', as amounts tend to more or less match, but the exchange rate makes it worse (i.e. a $400 camera over there is a £400 camera here - which to you would be over $630 at current rates). So just remember that guys, when you say 'these only cost....'.

Anyway, enjoy your camera.


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Andy Hewitt
Using Olympus E-420 and Apple Mac Mini '09.

The Olympus Four Thirds lineup IS relatively inexpensive if you look at the non-current models. When compared to some of those "other guys", it is a solid performer for the money. Too bad the same thing can't be said of the E-5 (it is a pretty good camera, but is priced too high for its performance compared to the competition)

I feel your pain about prices in the UK. I have had to buy a few audio related items direct from there over the last year or two, and got severe sticker shock.


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