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Re: 40-150 MKI/MKII ?

CollBaxter wrote:

Well err My findings are a bit different. My MKI was not as good as the MKII. But I was never lucky with that lens. My son lost one ( MKI) , broke one and got one stolen ( MKII's ) . The MKI is better built and slightly faster but can't close focus I found the MKII's much sharper. Actual which ever one you get they are worth it.

There again I found the 14-45 as soft a pig stuff.

My super value prize is for the 35mm.


Yes, the 35mm!!  It was being panned when I bought mine, but over time I used it more and more and now it is one of my favorite lenses.  I bought the 25mm to use with my e-420s but found the "cheaper" 35mm more satisfying -- given that I use these lenses on hikes.  However . . .

Having had traumatic experiences buying legacy lenses I have learned how to search for fungus & debris in lenses.  I take a small not-too-bright flashlight and shine it through at all angles from both ends of a lens, and I can see whatever is in there.  I'm sure I checked the 35mm when I bought it new.  I didn't expect fungus but who knows something could have come loose in there, but apparently it passed my inspection at the time, but using the 35mm so much on my E-420s in semi-serious weather I got around to checking it the other day and found a lot of dust inside.

I do live in a dusty region and now wonder if the cheaper price of the 35mm means that its build quality permits more dust to get in than a more expensive, better-built lens might.

Not that I intend to give up on this lens, but I am now thinking of buying another.  The dust is too fine to show up in a photo -- at least I can't see any effects (even searching with Lightroom 3), but I suspect the lens won't remain usable as long as a better-built lens might.

In a sense (maybe the only sense) this is my fault.  The lens is not weather-proofed.  I wouldn't take it out on a rainy day, but do take it on windy days and that may be when I get the dust.


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