Remembrance Day - Veterans Day

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Re: Remembrance Day - Veterans Day

OntarioJohn wrote:

Every Canadian guy or gal my age can receive In Flanders Fields. My grandfather a sappeur was wounded there in WW1, and the other an anti tank artillery sgt. Was wounded on leave in London during a bombing, 1week before his regt. would embark for D day.

My uncle was wounded when his Halifax crashed, but he finished his tail gunner missions over Berlin and became a Flying Officer with the RAF, finishing the war sipping tea in Yorkshire. He even flew crew on d day support.

All 3 of my sons served, 1 as a trooper (mounted recon), 1 as a sappeur, and no kidding, one as regimental piper.

Very interesting, thanks for your post.  My Uncle was gassed in WW1 and my father-in-law served in France.  My brother and I were in the Signal Corps.



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