Silencing shutter on NEX-6

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Re: Silencing shutter on NEX-6

avv wrote:

Hello everyone,

Would any of you happen to know how to silence the shutter on a NEX-6? Is it even possible?


No - purely because it isn't (possible).  It uses a physical shutter - a vertical running focal plane.  Already the noise is halved compared with the first generation of NEX cameras (an improvement which was introduced with the NEX-5N) if you elect to use "Electronic First Curtain" because then half of the shutter's physical activity is replaced by the sensor scanning itself electronically.

Fully electronic scanning (with no physical shutter activity) is so far only available as a special mode in some Panasonics and as a more permanent option on the Nikon V1/V2 - and all the time in the Nikon J1 and J2 (these two don't have a physical shutter at all).  Oh, and a part-time option on the little Pentax Q and Q10, which use quieter in-lens shutters the rest of the time.  However, with the present technology, the electronic scanning has downsides (such as a comparatively slow flash synchronisation speed, or in some cameras the inability for it to be used with flash, and the tendency to slightly distort really fast-moving objects in the scene).

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