Keep NEX-7 or NEX-6 if same price?

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Re: Advantages of NEX-6 over NEX-7?

losangeles wrote:

Can somebody please list the advantages of the NEX-6 over the NEX-7?

Only one I can think of is wifi. Anything else?

For the NEX-7, I can think of higher res sensor and 3.5 mm input jack.

Video quality should be similar between them, right?

Other advantages of the 6 versus the 7:

Linked with wifi: the apps - such as Multi-frame NR (with this, you can pick the ISO of your choice and remain in P, A, S or M modes, like on the Alphas but unlike the other NEX cameras except the 5R) and Bracket Pro (which can also bracket flash and focus).

The PDAF system with compatible lenses.

On-LCD and/or on-EVF level gauge (unless the 7 has that already?).

The new hotshoe if you don't like the Maxxum/Dynax style one.

The Alpha-style interactivity of the "For EVF" LCD screen format option (i.e. the control summary can be made to go "live").

Availability with the 16-50mm lens (if you want it).

When prices settle down after the newness wears off, it should be noticeably cheaper than the 7.

Some may prefer the sputtered finish on the 6, which is pretty grippy.  Everyone says it's all plastic but actually the top plate is magnesium and it's hard to tell it apart from the rest, except by temperature when the camera is cool.

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