NEX 5R: what a big mistake I made

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Re: NEX 5R: what a big mistake I made

ennemkay wrote:

mike geier wrote:

I don't really see the importance of a touchscreen

i agree... i've only had my 5n for a few days though. you can choose a focus point within the frame by touch, but i don't yet see how that's better than focusing and recomposing. aside from that it doesn't seem to provide any additional functionality.

No, I don't either.  I think it depends on whether you're a "focus and recompose" person or not (I am) - it seems some folks can't take to that method so for them, moving the focus point must seem useful.

Actually, what I DO find it useful for is instantly providing a small "Flexible Spot" sized AF target on demand (you need subject tracking turned off for it to work this way).  Consequently, I'm able to leave the camera in my preferred (but larger) centre spot AF mode, or occasionally in multi AF mode, without losing the customisation function of the bottom button - this is forced to be the toggle for moving the Flexible Spot AF target around if you set the camera to that mode properly.  So as a quick, on-demand workaround, the touchscreen provides a useful feature.

I guess this moveable AF target on touch is also useful in video.

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