Nex 6 - hybrid focusing keeps up. There is an art to it.

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re: in a way using spot exposure metering did serve useful purpose

Jagdon wrote:

Yes, you are right. I had it set on spot metering. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I will give it another test tomorrow on multi metering and see how I do.

  • if we examine this series in detail,
  • and assuming that the spot AF and spot metering coincide,
  • the shot with the SS = 1/200 sec. shows that it was exposed for the doggie nozzle, which implies the spot-AF was indeed "spot on";
  • same with other shots of longer SS, although their variation is a bit puzzling still;
  • incidentally, I've examined the 1/200 shot in detail at the "Large" size - it is quite soft, and since you've said it is OOC unprocessed one, I wonder what sharpening level have been set in camera? (btw. it does sharpen pretty nicely in PP);


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