Confession of a Lazy JPG Snap Shooter

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Re: Confession of a Lazy JPG Snap Shooter

splashy wrote:

So can we conclude

1 a Extra fine Jpeg made in good light conditions and PP if needed is almost impossible to superate by RAW

How can a lossy format (i.e., jpg) be better than a lossless format (i.e., raw)?  That's simply impossible.  That will remain to say that 128 kbps mp3 files provides better sound quality than flac files.

2 Jpeg shooters aren't lazier then Raw shooters, but do it the other way.

I used the term lazyness in the sense that some people do not take the time and effort to play with raw files.  That is a subjective matter of course.  People's willingness to learn new processes leads to acquire new knowledge.

3. Raw only in bad/difficult light conditions or if used as insurance (work/weddings) it pays of to use Raw.

Not only in bad/difficult light conditions.  What you get by shooting raw is a lossless set of data, which is priceless.

The flipside here is, using Raw + Jpeg on A77 the image is just Fine, not Extra Fine AND I'm missing some important features of the camera.

Sure, and that's fine really. Raw because want to keep the original captures, and jpg if you want to deliver a quick photo to people.

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