A new but somehow old Topic - IQ of X-E1 ? Is it really there?

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Ryan Williams
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Re: A new but somehow old Topic - IQ of X-E1 ? Is it really there?

One thing I've noticed when looking at shots from both is that despite the 5D putting out larger photos, the fact that it has an anti-aliasing filter (unlike the X-E1) means there's little if any extra discernible detail. The benefit of a larger resolution is voided, something no other APS-C sensor can lay claim to.

Conversely, one benefit you simply can't equal is that a full frame sensor will have shallower depth of field. Not that the X-E1 doesn't have lovely DOF of course, but it's physically incapable of matching a full frame here.

As for dynamic range and tonality, I think there're more than enough examples that show the X-E1 is easily on equal footing with its bigger competitors. You really don't get much better IQ than this.

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