32mm F1.2 vs 35mm F1.8 + FT-1?

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Re: 32mm F1.2 vs 35mm F1.8 + FT-1?

SunnyFlorida wrote:

This thread illustrates why it is preferable to acquire an APS-C sized Mirror-less camera like a Sony or Samsung. You can use your standard Nikkor lenses on other bodies and vice versa, the cost of 3rdparty adapters will be roughly $30-$50 vs $220 for the FT-1

Additionally the 35mm F/1.2 is equivalent to a 50mm F/1.4 on DX, which sells for $400; If the 35mm F/1.2 is priced any higher than $400 then another flaw of the 1-system is exposed.

I just wish Nikon would stop committing seppuku with the 1-system and just come up with a compact mirror-less DX camera. They obviously don’t want to do it b/c they know that most Nikon consumers would just buy an adapter and keep using their existing Nikkor lenses, Nikon would rather crate a dysfunctional incompatible system as a new revenue source since “brand-loyal” consumers would be forced to buy a whole new set of lenses.

I disagree. 1" is a great sensor size for a compact camera. Aps-c obviously has many advantages, but unless Nikon does it wrong, the equivalent lenses should be smaller and cheaper.

You're right about the 32/1.2 pricing though. Despite it's fast, it would be hard to justify to pay more, than I did for a full frame 85/1.8.

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