Remembrance Day - Veterans Day

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Re: Remembrance Day - Veterans Day

I totally agree with the sentiments here.

I found myself in a small village in Kent, ( UK ) yesterday.

The sky was blue and the trees a perfect Autumn colour as perhaps 300 people gathered around the cenotaph.  The local police shut the roads into the village for the parade.

It was a very memorable time, made even more poignant by the fact that I was in the very place where the Battle of Britain was waged in the skys above me.  In the skys over the village where I stood, the RAF bravely repelled the Luftwaffe in 1940,  forcing Hitler to cancel the invasion of the UK. Had that not happened, the UK would have been invaded and occupied and so D Day and the liberation of Europe would not have happened and the war would have taken a very different path.

Also poignant was the presence of some British Army Gherkas, serving right now and recently returned from Afghanistan.  Rarely for me, I did'nt bring a camera.  Next year I will pop my little RX100 in my pocket.

We will remember them

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