Do the A77 jpegs get improved with FW1.06 over FW 1.04?

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Re: Do the A77 jpegs get improved with FW1.06 over FW 1.04?

oleflyv wrote:

Has anybody experienced improvements with the OOC JPGS from teh A77 after having upgraded the FW?

I am not much of a PP-guy, and coming from the A700 I am still not quite satisfied with the OOC quality of the JPEGS of the my newly acquired A77 ( which is still on FW 1.04).

No, the JPEG engine has remained the same in the latest 1.06.

I've come from Canon, through Nikon to Sony and I find the JPEG engine like all other brands isnt' perfect, but actually, I don't mind it 90% of the time, from my own experience I have found with the various camera's I've owned.

Sony - Good high contrast detail and sharpness, poorer low contrast detail

Nikon - Good smoothness whilst retaining low contrast detail, but high contrast detail is poor, also some weird colour casts occasionally.

Canon - A good mix of smoothness and detail levels, but colour tonal information is quite poor

All seem OK in RAW, and all seem OK when viewed 1:2 or less..

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