D600 Oil spots, D800 AF issue, and now this...

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Re: News Flash: Sky and walls actually exist in real life pictures

Prairie Pal wrote:

Nikonfan99 wrote:

I agree. Hey complaining folks, where are these photos that are messed up? I have yet to see actual photos beyond sky and walls. If it is not impacting your photos why are we looking for a problem? Even in the sky shots, nothing a few clicks in photoshop can’t fix. I guess people have nothing better to do or want to turn this into an ethics debate. Any real pro is going to understand this issue and fix it. A non pro should not complain unless it is stopping them from taking a photo and they also would not have known about it unless they went looking for it. Nikon is not going to fix your issue!!!! Keep arguing this and wishing and waiting as reports come back one after another of nikon just doing a cleaning. Seriously people what do you think is going to happen? You have any reports with invoice attached saying that nikon replaced anything in reference to the dust on the d600? I have yet to see one. News flash some d7000’s and other cameras have the SAME issue.

Believe it or not, walls and skies exist in real life. As do white wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, table clothes, back drops. Here is a real life sample. I didn't shoot this image with intentions of finding spots, however it was taken about 100 shots into the afternoon AFTER the sensor had been cleaned "spotless".

those aren't birds.

top left.

Since you think people have to present images to YOU of their dirty sensor to justify their posting, how about YOU provide some kind of credentials as a professional photographer, or even a photographer of any sort. Do you have a website? Samples? Any images at all that would demonstrate yoiu have talent? Because honestly, your demeaner since you signed up at Dpreview is so far from professional that I stopped believing you a long time ago. And yet you keep throwing around the term "professional" as if to qualify your opinions and to justify your disrespectful way of communicating them. 270 posts during the 36 days since registering as Nikonfan99, and almost every one of those posts obsessed on one topic. That would be time better spent focused on your clients by improving your photography and people skills.

@Prairie Pal: Sorry to hear about your problems with D600. Your pictures were taken on October 21-st. Is the oil/dust situation better now or it is the same? What is the current shutter count?

@Nikonfan99: I think Prairie Pal raises valid points. Your DPR gallery is empty. Do you really own a D600? When and where did you buy it? What are the first 4 or 5 digits of the D600's serial number? Sorry for interrogation questions but on this forum separating true contributers from trolls is not an easy task sometimes:-) BTW, I really like your posts about equipment insurance and thanks for hill & usher tip.


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