In praise of primes - which next?

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Re: In praise of primes - which next?

I've found 21/35/70 the most versatile combo because the 35mm is capable of doing more than the DA 40mm. You really have to try these lenses out one by one. I have a DA 40mm: it's a nice lens and a fast focuser but something about its rendering puts me off, so I prefer the DA 35mm f2.8.

The lenses which have given me the best shots are the DA 70mm, the DA 15mm and the DA 35mm f2.8, in that order. In fact I have taken the highest number of shots with the DA 21mm because it is such an adaptable all-rounder but somehow the shots which make me feel "wow" come from other focal lengths. I like the rendering of the DA 21mm and I like its sharpness in the centre of the frame, but I don't like it's lack of grip and sometimes mushiness at the borders and edges.

In my experience, the limited series aren't just the same thing at different focal lengths. Each one has very different properties and rendering as well as a distinctive (and sometimes frustrating), netsuke-like design of hood and cap. There's nothing else quite like them, which is partly why I like them so much.

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