LX3 True 24mm?

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Re: it's a mystery

Jeffery 1987 wrote: "It would have been nice if they unlocked the distortion correction in RAW. It´s just good to know RAW is untouched, I mean that´s the whole reason we shoot RAW right? Unfortunately it seems like no one´s leaving their RAWs untouched these days..."

Not sure what you mean. We shoot RAW because it gives us the opportunity to interpret the data in a different way from how the camera's engine analyses it to produce a jpeg. The RAW data are more detailed than the resultant jpeg data. So we can use some of the data that may not have been included in the OOC jpeg to produce another, different, jpeg, with more emphasis on shadows, or highlights, or some other aspect in which we may be interested.

The RAW data is only untouched if we use software that works from a copy. There is no purpose in shooting RAW if it is NEVER going to be used. I think many people take RAWs to ensure that they can get the maximum benefit from a shot, though many may leave some RAWs untouched simply because the shot is not deemed worth working on, or is eclipsed by a better shot.

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