My most Difficult Panorama so far. ZS19 + PSE 8. Tenmangû Shrine, Kyoto.

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Re: With Panorama Maker 5 Pro

Hi, Erik,

I fully agree with the K.I.S.S. principle. But when I’m travelling to new places; that I’m unlikely to ever have the chance of returning to; have little idea of the circumstances in which I will be photographing; may arrive at scenes when the lighting is not the best for photography; may be hurried along by a harassed tour guide; find myself accompanied by milling crowds; I don’t want to find myself, with only a few seconds to spare, missing a stunning shot because a battery is flat, a memory card is full, or someone has jogged my elbow and my camera is in pieces on the cobbles. I want to be able to grab another camera to take the shot; or to choose from two cameras with complementary capabilities the one best suited to the scene; or just to have a second camera as a backup in an emergency.

Though YOU carry only one camera, I understand your wife carries another. I’m not so fortunate. My wife is a wonderful travelling companion in every other way, but photography is at the nadir of her interests. So if I feel two cameras are worth having on a journey, its up to me! On ne compter que sur soi!

Decades ago, touring Europe with SLRs, I realised that when trying to take picturesque house fronts in narrow medieval lanes (or Amsterdam or Venice!) stepping back to fit everything in the frame was seldom possible. So I got an excellent 17mm rectilinear wide angle lens, to add to a tribe of other lenses and separate camera bodies with different types of film. Experience with my first digicam was a revelation. I didn’t need to be a weightlifter anymore!.

But whilst no single pocket camera can cover all scenes, two can cover the most likely, and provide the insurance of backup. It took me some time to cover the really wide end, but the LX3+18mm accessory lens does the trick for me. It’s been about the lightest, smallest, kit that wide and that fast for about 5 years, and I don’t see any alternative. It lives in a shoulder bag - which I have to carry anyway -  for wallet, tickets, passport, glasses, phone, keys, small tabletop tripod, spare memory cards and batteries, etc.. Another camera with a longer zoom is in a belt pouch. I can grab or replace either in an instant, as needed.

I agree, that to get the best details in a wide shot, if it is a still life, away from the madding crowds, stitching 2 or 3 stills can fill the bill. But for crowded conditions, I prefer a single shot with a really wide lens. As they say, YMMV!

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