Sony NEX 6 weird problem

Started Nov 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Sony NEX 6 weird problem

neolam wrote:

guys..i encountered a very weird problem when shooting with my NEX 6...

i always shoot with RAW and there are lines appears in the pictures when i zoom in to view on camera itself...sometimes it wont appear and sometimes it will become very obvious straight after i took the shot....and sometimes it appear in JPEG also...
those pictures i transfer to PC , some will have the lines while some wont....

i really suffered by this weird problem....any way to solve this and i wanna know the reasons too...

this is shot in JPEG and the lines appear both on camera or pc

Looks like a sensor or processing fault to me, too.  Just one thing to exclude: it isn't the case that they only happen when you are shooting in one particular location (i.e. room or building)?  Just in case it's electromagnetic interference (if you can think of any powerful emitters in that locality).  Mind you, if it was that, I'd expect other cameras you've used to have been affected, though I suppose it isn't actually the case that they would have been, as every device can have a differing sensitivity to such things.

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